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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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today. a half foot of rain in these areas. 4 inches, 3 inches, and around the bay area proper, an inch to half inch. the heaviest rain in the livermore valley. if you're downtown livermore on 580 going out this way, you're going to run into heavy rain and perhaps slow traffic. heavy rain out by pleasantton. that is starting to taper off a little bit. downtown livermore, you are getting a little bit of a break as showers begin to back out. storm number two will get here. i'll talk more about that as we get to the next weather hit. so we'll see you then. >> and we have live team coverage on the storm tonight. ktvu crews spent the day tracking the impact of the storm around the bay area. let's start with christina in oakland where the wind is the big concern. christina. >> yeah, the wind is causing a concern because it is bringing down power lines and trees in the east bay and really within the last few hours, we have started to see and feel this storm's power kick in. >> a light morning breeze
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quickly shifted into high gear with gusty winds sweeping through the east bay. >> blocking the road in both directions. >> the storm brought down power lines and trees like this massive pine that came crashing down in the front yard. >> low and behold, i look out, i heard this pop, which was the tree trunk breaking and it started in my direction and the next thing, the lines went down and a flash from the wires. >> it wasn't caused by the rain. this was actually wind driven. we had heavy gusts. >> those gusts caused multiple downed power lines. pg&e is working to restore power to thousands tonight and they are asking people to have an emergency kit with the flashlight ready. >> we will see outages with the storm and we want for our customers to be as prepared as we feel we are. >> at the same time, matt jensen with elite tree service says crews are anticipating work while cleaning up from a storm in december.
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>> considering we're not expected to see winds that high, i think we could see a lot, but it can happen. >> as the rain rolled in, many were doing last minute preps. >> most of our neighbors getting sandbags to get ready for the storm and, you know, have to be prepared. >> nothing could have prepared william. >> they are pretty, but not the safest. >> for the tree that is now sprawled across his front yard. >> this is just the beginning. that was the first gust that we've had of the incoming storm. i don't know what we can anticipate. >> one thing pg&e says you can anticipate are more downed power lines. if you are around one, assume it is live. get away from the area immediately and call 911 and pg&e. frank. >> we can see the wind behind you. thank you. >> and speaking of those downed power lines, a terrifying afternoon for one north bay family as 12,000 volts of electricity wrapped around their van. >> the wires started arking
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and causing a fire in front of us, and my children started freaking out a little bit more, so i prompted to call 911 to make sure somebody was coming. >> that mother says she was taking her three young children to go bowling because the power was out at home. they were driving down their driveway when the electrical wires fell. she called for help and remembered it is critical to keep everyone inside the van until emergency crews arrived. >> i remember as a kid, going through some safety course by the fire department. not to get out of the car and call 911 immediately. >> it took pg&e an hour to cut power to those lines. then the family could get out of the van safely. along with downed power lines, many people around the bay area are worried about the possibility of flooding. ktvu's mike is live now in san rafael with that part of our storm coverage. mike. >> no major problems so far, julie. that potential for flooding definitely still exists as this first major storm of the year, 2015, definitely not a shy one.
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as it is packing a punch filled with rain and wind. at times, an absolute downpour. at other times, an absolute wind storm. and then there were times this afternoon when we had both. >> we went all the way to the top and we almost flew over. yeah. it was pretty scary. >> a crash. >> sarah also not expecting something. a douglas fir snapping and falling right down on to her san rafael home. >> sitting there with a cup of tea and looking out the window. there are some strong gusts of wind. >> the water came a few inches of water above. >> susan here is describing a december storm that nearly flooded her in her neighbor's homes along the creek. >> it did flood pretty well in the cul-de-sac here. >> tonight, the sandbags are back, not that susan is looking for a flood, but she is hoping for more rain. >> i'm particularly disappointed because we need a lot more rain. the floods have flooded here
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three times and they have never been devastated. >> busy day for chp as officers responded to plenty of spinouts. not the best day for a snapshot, they don't seem to care. it's all part of the story. >> it is a nice view, right? >> oh, it's beautiful. and you know, the weather is weather, you just endure it, wear a jacket and enjoy. >> and just like the east bay, pg&e quite busy right here in the north bay at one point. nearly 2,000 customers, julie, without power and of course, that can change either going up or down as we move on later into the evening. >> all right, mike is live tonight in san rafael. mike, thank you. >> a large pine tree came crashing down with the wind and rain today and blocks west. and took down live power lines. pg&e had to be called in to turn off the power so crews could remove the tree and finally reopen that road. and in the south bay, falling trees were downright frightening for families who live and work in the santa cruz
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mountains. ann ruben was inside her car when a tree fell right on them. and it has been a rough day there in the south bay. >> well, the trouble actually started early catching some people by surprise. the winds and slick roads were problems before the heavy rain got here. >> this was the scene on glenn arbor road. was going to drop two of her kids off at school when a tree dropped on her. >> just fell. the impact was so great. it was so fast and it shattered the windows, we didn't know really what was happening. >> it took down power lines, blocked the road, and crushed the hood of the family's car, leaving them shaken, but uninjured. witnesses couldn't believe it. >> they were three feet forward, it wouldn't have been pretty. >> the high winds were followed quickly by heavy rain. some stocked up on sandbags. >> this morning, we had somebody that filled some bags and left them as a good neighbor, for somebody that
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couldn't do the physical work to fill those bags up. >> and those wednesday fast? >> those went immediately. >> slick roads took their toll on drivers. one crashed along highway 17 was quickly followed by another. >> sometimes you may, you know, over estimate how fast you can actually go through the curve when it's wet. that's when you get the spinout. >> that's what happened here. >> as you are driving like normal. and you know it's spinning, like left and right and then after that, go in a circle. >> leaving a dented car, but a relieved driver. he was unscathed. >> do i feel like it? yeah. >> liz says she feels lucky, too, her car is likely totaled, but her kids are fine. >> if i would have creeped up a little bit more, the whole tree would have been on top of our heads. so, i am so blessed and thankful that the damage is where it was. >> bustamante works in insurance, so the tables were turned for her today when she
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had to file her own claim. frank. >> boy, looking at the expression on that mother's face, you can see how lucky she feels, ann ruben in the south bay. >> a lot of people decided to stay home today. the morning commute was much lighter than normal. and sal castaneda is watching the evening commute. how is it looking? >> reporter: it's much busier than it was this morning. a lot of people get to work on different times on friday. but it seems like they all want to go home at the same time, especially on a rainy friday and there is highway 80. a lot of people getting away for the weekend and the commute is going to be super busy all the way up to sacramento and even getting up to tahoe. everyone is getting out of town. people are going home and 80 on the right there, eastbound, is slow all the way back from san francisco where northbound 101 is a mess. i want to show you the san mateo bridges are also slow, a little bit of flooding near the bridge. southbound 101, some slow traffic on the peninsula. 280 is not that bad.
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880 is very slow. the bottom line is, we haven't had any major crashes. we had a lot of fender benders, traffic is moving very, very slowly. if you are waiting for someone, they will be a long time. now let's go back to you in the studio. >> a lot of red out there on that map. >> a lot of red. >> thank you. >> a labor showdown is now officially a shutdown at the port of oakland. the decision today to block dock workers from their job and why shippers say they have no choice. >> and a san jose couple says when the city cleaned up the large homeless camp known as the jungle, that's when they noticed new neighbors. why they say they are terrified to be in their own home. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's
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everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ hey. these are good. what have you been feeding us all these years? kfc popcorn nuggets. 100% white meat, extra crispy, and made from the world's best chicken. try our kfc bucket and popcorn nuggets meal. these don't even come with a toy and i don't care. in the last hour, shipping companies have instituted a lockout at west coast ports, including the port of oakland. it took effect at 5:00. ktvu's tom vacar is live with
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the decision to lock out dock workers and why management says they have no choice here. tom. >> at the moment, it's just for the weekend. but that's just at the moment. the shipping companies and the port operators have decided to close down the port and that is a problem because they are closing down the most important part of the port. that's the dock side where the ships load and unload. this afternoon, the pma, the pacific maritime association, the 70 member consortium and terminal operators announced this weekend loading and unloading of container ships will not take place at any of the 29 west coast ports, including oakland. >> these slowdowns are having the same result as a worker strike. >> the slowdowns need to stop. the terminals cannot withstand anymore. we are truly close to gridlock. >> the pma says it has no
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intention of paying workers time and half wages for slowed down work. >> this was a shocking development to have the companies close the ports down in the weekend in the middle of this congestion mess that has been affecting customers for the better part of 2014, really. is a real blow and it is shocking. it is irresponsible. this is a form of economic terrorism. >> the pma says it will allow work to go on away from the shift with trucks and rail to remove long delayed freight for customers. something long shoreman don't seem to be buying. >> you can't say there's going to be something going on. those docks are going to be closed. the company made that clear. >> the work is scheduled for monday morning right now, negotiations according to the pma are far apart on crucial issues, including pay. >> the pma has concluded the latest offer is as far as we can go at this point. >> the ports are so mired in
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congestion, with over crowding, that many importers are trucking or railing their cargo down to the gulf coast or the east coast in order to get them moving, if at all. you can't do that with food, produce, fruits, vegetables, because they will simply spoil. which means a lot of it, which is already spoiled second- degree gone, and no more is being shut upped. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 6:00, the san jose family says right after san jose city leaders cleared out a large homeless encampment known as the jungle last december, they began to notice new neighbors. the jungle was the largest homeless camp. the family is dealing with new problems right in their own backyard. ktvu's rob roth explains the unusual route the family is taking to try to deal with it. >> neighbors say this cul-de- sac in east san jose has been
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quiet and safe. now for at least one family, it is neither. >> we are absolutely terrifieded to be in our own home. >> it's because barb asked me not to show her face. it has been growing over the past few weeks and there's been trouble ever since from fires to vandalism. >> it comes into our backyard, today, makes five times. they have been in our backyard since christmas eve. they can see what lights are on and what rooms are in. they have a complete visible, we have no privacy. >> they can begin in mid december after the city closed the jungle. the largest homeless encampment in san jose and just over a mile from where the she'ds smeads live. >> it costs about $9,000. money the family doesn't have. so earlier this week, chris began fund raising online through the go fund me website. >> last ditch effort of how
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can i protect my family? >> the city found housing for 2/3 of those who were living in the jungle, but that san jose has at least 200 encampments. >> the city is trying to prioritize areas to represent the greatest threat to the people that are living in them. the greatest impact to the environment and the greatest impact to the surrounding neighborhood as a whole. we are trying to deal with our biggest problems first. >> don't know what more they can do, police come when called, but the trouble remains. >> there are those living up there and in desperate need of help and those loving out there and terrorizing the neighborhood. that's where we are stuck right now. >> the poem robert frost once wrote, good fences make good neighbors. that proves to be true. in san jose, rob roth, fox 2 news. >> residents of a troubled public housing complex in richmond finally got the news they have been waiting for today. the city announced 101 people
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who live in the housing complex will be receiving section 8 vouchers for new apartments next week. we have been telling you about the poor living conditions since last summer. and angela peterson invited us into her apartment to show us mold and other problems. >> this is very good news. i can't wait, you know. i can't wait to get up out of here. >> richmond mayor said that the building is being sold to a nonprofit and will be gutted and then rebuilt from the inside out. he also said that the current residence will have the first rights to return. in san francisco, the cable car line was shut down after a large tree branch fell across the track. take a look at that. tony lee sent us these photos. luckily, crews were able to clear it in just a few minutes. in other parts of the city, storm drains backed up and many people battled the wind while trying to keep their umbrellas open. for many, it was a losing battle. >> a lot of problems, but we
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are getting a ton of new rain. >> yeah, we are. here's how windy it was today. he works so hard for me. i had two large coffees, julie, and i had them in a tray and i'm walking out and the wind, it didn't go, but the wind literally took it. two large coffees. i saved it. but it was -- that's how windy it was. we had gusts today in the hills up to 40 miles an hour. i mean, i don't know how much they weigh, they are 16-ounce coffees. >> they spilled all over you. >> that could have happened. but, no, it was windy out there. we had wind advisories are the high -- the flood watch advisory has gone away, but the wind advisory stays up, because it's windy up there. the rain is significant and mainly in the east and south bay at this hour. the rain fall accumulations have really ramped up. it's been slow all day until the last two hours where we are starting to see real heavy shower activity. let's come in close here. you can see south of san jose, it's hitting hard.
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let's go back here, the north bay is getting a break. you see that up there. that is mike up in the santa rosa, north bay area where the showers lightened up after a day of heavy rain. fremont right now is raining hard. the afternoon commute, 880 through newark and fremont. right now getting hammered. heavy rain on 680. heavy rain in livermore for the last hour and a half. so things are kind of starting to pull up there. seeing standing water and a lot of roadways. as we take a look now toward morgan hill. they have been out of it for awhile. they are starting to get heavy rain. 101 southbound, be ready for some rain. so, here's the computer model as we go into the evening hours, we'll see scattered showers. the heavy stuff is moving out. there will be a stray shower hanging around. tonight and tomorrow morning, and then saturday morning, widely scattered. mostly cloudy, partly cloudy, there's your saturday. so saturday afternoon, you get a chance to dry off. you get a chance for the creeks to go down. you get a chance for the roads to dry off and saturday night
6:20 pm
into sunday morning, it goes again. so right now, saturday is your best day on the weekend. we'll watch this thing on sunday. right now, that system number two, not as strong as today. not as windy, not as wet. some areas of the north bay a half inch of rain. with more coming tonight and more on sunday, we could easily see that projected 8 to 10 inches. it's a warm storm, so it's going to be warm tomorrow. it's not a bad day. if you have outdoor plans, stick with it. going to giants fan fest, you're in good shape. sunday, the a's fan fest is not going to be so good. sunday will be wet. those deals go all day. the morning fan fest for the oakland a's will be the wettest. >> all right, thanks, bill. >> thank you, bill. the warriors and the two best teams in the nba. right now, they are going head to head in atlanta. >> is this a great game. also both the giants and a's getting ready for their fan
6:21 pm
fest this weekend. and it's going to be rain or shine. mark is up next with sports. >> let's check in with gasia. she's live in the newsroom with what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 at 7:00. >> julie, coming up at 7:00, we'll continue our live team coverage of today's powerful storm. we'll see how the pounding rain is affecting the evening commute. and a champion gets ready for a big change. how hollywood is reacting to the story of bruce jenner. we are working on these stories and more coming up at 7:00 on tv 36.
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couldn't ask for a better matchup. warriors and hawks have the two best records in the nba and going head to head right now. >> you figure, 82 game schedule. no such thing as a huge game, you know, in early february. but, warriors in progress right now with the hawks and it's a close one, it's tied at halftime and we'll talk about that a little bit later as obviously, it's not a complete game yet. we'll talk about the fan fest. why not? giants getting ready for it tomorrow. the fans will be invited out to at&t. but today, well, it was media day out there and a lot of fanfare about madison bumgarner. mr. everything from the world series title. the all around hero was asked
6:25 pm
about his individual goals for the upcoming season. >> not a big goal setter. the only goal i have is to win championships. no individual stuff. i don't care about that. i don't care about where you are ranked, this, that, and whatever, that means nothing to me. it's not going to change the work i put into it. it's not going to change how much i care about this team and organization and winning games. >> madison bumgarner going rock star with the hair over the winter. he is letting his greek flag fly. go for it, madison. meanwhile, warriors game we were talking about, down in the atl. have a look at the early highlights. warriors getting careless with the ball right here, as dennis, the hawks driving. he scores, but watch david lee, a careless inbound pass. atlanta turns that right away, kyle deadly from 3 and it was tied at halftime. however, the warriors found themselves down 10 in the third quarter.
6:26 pm
but they come on strong with their strong point, step and 3. and then keeping up the outside activity. that would be clay thompson. step up 3. got it, and we're in a very tight ball game. the warriors are down 4 as they enter the fourth quarter. the raiders making a move today and bringing back a very familiar face to the bay area. that would be ken norton, jr. just less than a week after the super bowl. he was the linebacker's coach for the short end of the deal. last sunday, with the seattle seahawks, they are naming him the raiders. their new defensive coordinator as you may remember, ken norton, jr., played with jack del rio for three years when they were linebackers with the dallas cowboys during their playing career. so, they will get together and do their thing with the oakland raiders. hopefully bring them back to respectability. >> i hope the raiders are on the move. they made good moves, it seems like. >> we'll see about the warrior
6:27 pm
game. it should be good highlights. >> and we are continuing to track that wet weather, of course, bringing the wind and rain to the bay area. tonight at 10:00, how much rain this storm has brought and when the next round will hit. an updated forecast all coming up tonight at 10:00. >> and we're always here for you at on facebook and on twitter. thanks so much for joining us. have a great friday night, everyone. >> good night. female announcer: don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic.
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